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Clock says 12:34

Someone from Heaven's knocking on the door

It's your spirit I can feel it come alive

And for a minute we're both in a sacred time we've shared before



Clock says 12:34

I hear your footsteps and you open the door

I close my eyes, pretend that I'm asleep

And you pull up the blankets just to keep me warm



It's not my imagination, a trick my mind is playing

It's just your way of saying your still here

It's more than just coincidence, I always seem to notice it

Just about the moment when the clock says 12:34


Clock say 12:34

Someone from Heaven's knocking on the door

It's good to know you'll always be alive

Still I'm going to miss you when you say goodbye



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Check out the new album Pink Flamingos!

Check out the new album Pink Flamingos!

It's Not The Destination, It's The Journey!

We are honored and proud to be part of an amazing new show called The Journey.  Created by our friends at AMI Radio, The Journey is a unique look into the creative lives of independent artists/songwriters.  Check out episode 1 below which features 360 Degrees!